renovation clinic

after a little more than a decade, new medical regulations necessitated an update of technical services room. the complex and intricate high tech machines to replace the existing ones required a complete restructuring of the space that housed them. the practice was shut down for the duration of the works.

this included new flooring, additional services requiring a change in point of connection and entry as well as changes to the existing built in furniture. paramount for the doctors was to keep the practice open without unnecessary interruption. to this end, in a near to nonstop work on site, the complete works which normally would take weeks, was to be done over a long holiday weekend, when the practice would normally be closed. thus when patients and workers returned from their holiday, the clinic would open, as if nothing had happened.

careful and thorough planning and time accurate step-by-step work force coordination allowed for quick and efficient progress without losing quality workmanship. these were important factors for this seamless transition.