pedestrian and bicycle bridge located in switzerland, the bridge is a direct extension of a hiker’s trail and bicycle route to avoid an existing 1/2 km detour. the structural challenge of spanning 110 m, with a clearance of at least 5.5 m, a maximum incline of 6 degrees and a necessary bascule bridge component for masted boats creates a nearly prohibitive brief.

bridges make connections, become part of the landscape and support movement. its lightweight construction, is conceived to visually disappear when seen from a distance, despite necessary structural elements. in essence, it is two long span cantilevers, when the leaves of the bridge are open.

the structure is gently integrated into its surroundings. the ecological, and for residents an emotionally valuable landscape remains protected. only in areas where the construction is carried out, there are interventions to the avenues of trees on the path and to the intersecting trees along the banks. no additional areas are touched, the existing natural quality is retained.