pedestrian bridge

open competition

prof.dr. rosemarie wagner
wagner tragwerke stuttgart

crossing a wide expanse of a river, one arrives at a street or a plaza; this is the experience from this bridge that connects a tightly enclosed renthof and the more open space of christophstraße. similar to arriving either in greenwich or london from under the thames, there is a precedent for crossings that are from old and established to more open and contemporary or visa versa. with its viewing platforms above the foundations, it has qualities which are reminiscent of the former fulda bridge.

the light, almost transparent construction of the bridge contrasts with the massive rondel. it is a physical personification of ‚yesterday and today‘, representing history and a more obvious present. the design of the bridge is a tension band construction with four main cables, each combined into two supporting levels, with prefabricated steel elements and wooden planks. it is extremely simple, quick to assemble and relatively inexpensive.