revitalising an existing community lido, with additional pools, family friendly play areas, a modernised changing areas, and highlighting exisiting landscape were the main target points of the brief. translucent and light white tents, while providing weather protection, defines the public area. its cheerful and playful character is reminiscent reminders of bygone lido changing tents.

steps in front of the entry with a forecourt, is where school classes can seat on the steps or railings, to wait for their instructor. the raised entry area offers a degree of protection from ‚floods’ and creates an ‘exalted’ passage when crossing the jetty along the pool. it is located on a terraced landscape above the river zaber, surrounded by a row of trimmed spruce trees. as in a baroque garden these pruned trees are an interface between man made ‘pure’ architecture and the more ‘wilder’ nature beyond. with this in mind the spruces are kept, with additional well manicured trees and hedges added near the man-made areas, but as one moves further away, the greenery becomes less cultivated, flowing more easily into their ‘untamed’ natural surroundings.