kindergarten und youth center

the youth center and kindergarten located in a outlaying small city near stuttgart, is bordered by train tracks, industrial buildings and a new housing development. it shares a leftover site unfettered by existing urban conditions. the new kindergarten has a nearly circular plan enclosing a courtyard, with a roof deck as a terrace and garden. there is unlimited outdoor accessibility for the children but none for unwanted outsiders. the terraced roof ‚bobby-car race track‘ and raised bed gardens creates a protected learn/play area. below, access to the more conventional sandbox and water play areas are found. for children, there is a slide and a staircase for adults, connecting the roof area to the playground. trees in the courtyard provide shading and rest areas.

a covered entryway, which acts as a connection from train station to the new residential area separates, the kindergarten and youth center. unlike the kindergarten, various access points to the youth center gives it a more urban atmosphere. the center provides a concert, dance, assembly room, workshops, music rehearsal rooms, an administrative area, and a cafe.