invited competition
with investor
2nd price

schreiber ingenieure
prof. jürgen schreiber

thomas friedemann

project developer
archy nova
gerd hansen

evaluation from competition jury:
‚with the present design, the existing building structure of the multi storey apartment building of the 50s and 80s is brought to a logical conclusion. the four 3 storey fingers of the row development lead from the adjoining north-east orientation to a north-west orientation for the inhabited area. the ‚towers‘, at the head of each line of houses follow the topography and provide overall a convincing urban planning response to this exposed location. by fanning out the development, the green references of the open landscape spaces are brought together with the private green areas of the building area and enable far-reaching views. the terraced houses have sensibly adapted gardens and, with their two-story conservatories, have high-quality living space expansion potential.’